Teacher Training

We are delighted to be offering 3 training programs in 2019 and so far 1 in 2020:

All courses will be led by Jody Lawrance, Yoga Akasha’s co-founder and current director. She has been teaching yoga since 1999.

The TTP’s will be limited to 12 students so all can receive plenty of attention.

1) Anatomy – a unique 30 hours online + in-person course that’s exclusively available through Teacher Training programs: YogaAnatomy.net Fundamentals, running March – June 2019 (this is also included in the 250 & 220 hours TTPs)

Details here 

In 2019 a choice of 250 or 220 hour teacher training programs – only 1 space remaining!

These are both intensive courses, fully accredited with The Independent Yoga Network. They are designed to give trainee teachers the best foundation possible to deepen their own practice and be fully prepared to go on to teach. You cannot buy our certificates – you need to earn them!

Our TTPs aim is to prepare trainee teachers with a firm, well-rounded foundation, so they can teach with knowledge of and confidence in many aspects of Yoga. The courses are also suitable for anyone just wanting to deepen their own understanding and practice of yoga.

Both courses include the 30 hour anatomy course as above.

2) A 250 hour teacher training program (TTP), running  March – September 2019.

The course will be spread over 4 weekends and 1 Sunday at Yoga Akasha, East Grinstead, West Sussex and 2 weeks in Turkey:

  • Weekends: March 1st-3rd,  April 12th-14th, June 7th-9th and July 19th-21st
  • Sunday June 23rd
  • In Turkey – 2 weeks intensive training: September 16th-30th

3) A 220 hour teacher training program (TTP) running March – September 2019

Due to several students being interested in the 250 hour TTP, but unable to get away for 2 weeks to Turkey, we are offering a 220 hour option to run alongside the 250 hour program. This course will include the 4 weekends in March, April, June and July, 4 Sundays, 2 Saturdays and 2 Thursday evenings at Yoga Akasha, attending asana and pranayama classes with Jody between March – September, the 30 hour anatomy course and keeping a self practice diary.

At Yoga Akasha, East Grinstead:

  • Weekends March 1st-3rd,  April 12th-14th, June 7th-9th and July 19th-21st
  • Thursday evenings August 8th and August 15th
  • Saturdays June 15th and July 6th
  • Sundays June 23rd, July 28th, August 11th and September 2nd

In 2020 we are offering a 250 hour TTP running March-August. This will be spread over 4 weekends at Yoga Akasha and 2 x 5 days at Yoga Akasha.

  • Weekends (Friday 6.00pm-Sunday 2.00pm) March 6th-8th, April 3rd-5th, May 8th-10th, June 12th-14th
  • 5 days (Sunday 6.30am-Thursday 17.30pm) August 2nd-6th and August 23rd-27th










To register your interest please email Jody@YogaAkasha.co.uk or fill out the short form on the ‘How to apply’ page.