Snesha Malde

Mindfulness is an awareness-based approach to life that helps people relate skilfully with circumstances. It means paying attention to thoughts, feelings, body sensations, others and the environment in a way that cultivates understanding, helps manage difficulties, and leads to wise choices. Mindfulness research shows that it helps people manage situations more effectively.

Snesha was introduced to Jon Kabat Zin’s work on mindfulness in 2004. Since then she has practised and studied mindfulness with many teachers. Snesha teaches mindfulness because she is passionate about helping people carry less stress in their life and enabling people to find “peace of mind”.

Snesha firmly believes that mindfulness can benefit everyone and finds teaching mindfulness immensely rewarding. Her teaching style is a non-dogmatic experiential approach. Join Snesha for an enriching and fun class that will give you grounding in the practice.

The course will introduce you to a set of simple yet powerful mind and body practices that can be incorporated into daily life to help break the cycle of stress, exhaustion, unhappiness and worry. To get the best out of the course students should aim to practice from 10 to 30 minutes everyday. A textbook with CD and handouts will be included in the cost of the course.

Snesha continues her personal journey in understanding the human psyche by attending training events and retreats and, most importantly, by bringing mindfulness into all aspects of her life!