Oya Blackburn

About Pilates:

Pilates is a body conditioning routine using controlled movements, primarily focused in your ‘core’ (a term for your midsection or torso) to build body strength, flexibility, improve muscle tone and therefore your posture. Pilates is low impact and is suitable for most people and age groups.

Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates exercises, believed that physical and mental well-being are closely connected. Pilates benefits participants both internally and externally through concentration, breathing and controlled, flowing movements. Pilates focuses on the quality of a movement to provide a physical and mental workout.

About Oya:

Oya Blackburn¬†has always been interested in health and fitness and has practiced Pilates for over ten years. She became a Pilates teacher after studying at Sandrine’s Pilates Academy in Tunbridge Wells. Oya lives in East Grinstead with her husband and two teenage children and is a Librarian by profession.

About Oya’s sessions:

Oya’s Pilates sessions are designed to cater for a range of people from newcomers to the more experienced, and are generally mat-based using small apparatus such as exercise balls and¬†bands. Oya’s teaching style is friendly, supportive and fun.