Nina Forbes

Many students begin my classes declaring that they are ‘really’ too stiff or out of shape to do yoga- they soon discover that not only can they do yoga, but how enjoyable it is. As well as reducing stress and helping them to achieve body goals such as increasing core strength and releasing tensions, many students find yoga becomes a real joy for them. It’s incredibly pleasurable to bring awareness into the body, and it’s a great way to anchor oneself in the present moment.

Both beginners and experienced students come to my classes; I provide them with simple techniques and new ways of approaching asana (yoga postures), in particular I teach them how to strengthen, release and bring conscious awareness to particular areas, opening up new pathways in their yoga practise. Students also come to me to to help with back pain through postrual re-education and stress reduction.

My classes balance physically energetic postures and movements with breathing and relaxation practices. I teach how to create strong healthy foundations (often calling attention to the feet and hands) and stability (stabilisation of the hips and shoulders being key) and guide students to easy breathing, spinal extension and to feeling the body from the inside out.

Tuesdays & Wednesdays Yoga Foundation 6 week courses, 7.30-8.45, £12/60/72 – Details here