Kate Suffolk

I am very excited to be a new teacher with Yoga Akasha, I am teaching traditional Hatha Yoga on Monday evenings between 7.45-9.00pm.  This class is literally for everyone, beginners, all fitness levels, all ages are very welcome.  So many people are put off trying yoga because they are not flexible enough but flexibility is not a prerequisite of yoga, it is a result of constant, continuous, devoted yoga practice.  Physical flexibility is not the aim of yoga practice, although I can promise you that results will come.  The aim of traditional Hatha yoga is so much more than that, the aim is to find flexibility of the mind.  Yoga can take you to a better place, physically it makes you stronger, mentally it forces you to get out of your comfort zone, it opens your heart and your mind.  It will help you to realise things that you never thought possible.  It has done this for me and I want to share my love and passion with my students.  I want to see new people give yoga a try, don’t be afraid, I want to see others grow as I have.
I completed a 300 Hatha Yoga teacher training at Atmavikasa Yogic Centre in Mysore, India with Acharya Venkatesh and Acharye Hema.  This is where Jody completed her training many years ago.
Jody is the reason that I found Atmavikasa in the first place.  I was searching the internet looking at local teachers to see where they were taught when I stumbled across  Yoga Akasha and found a link on Jody’s page to Atmavikasa in Mysore, India.  It felt like a calling, from the minute I saw the page I knew that I had to go there.  I contacted Acharye Hema and the rest is history.  My teachers Acharya Venkatesh and Acharye Hema have also visited Akasha and have completed workshops here.  I feel so grateful to be given this opportunity to work at this beautiful studio and to teach at Jody’s studio as her style of yoga and Buddhism background are so in line with everything that I believe.  I want to continue my yoga journey, growing and learning different techniques, there are so many more courses, so much more to learn, a never ending journey of growth and self-practice.  I want to develop myself, my skills and pursue my dream.  I strive for progress, not perfection.  We are all exactly where we are supposed to be, we are all works in progress.  We are all enough.
Price: £10 per class, 4 for £35 or 8 for £65.
Please feel free to email me at katesuffolk1@hotmail.com
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